Friday, June 15, 2012

late Valentines day....But I still Love Ya!

Oh Boy Valentines day was soooooo 4 months Ago! too bad I didnt post it but here is a look at what I did do for Valentines day.

How To
1. Apply a base coat.
2. Apply Color A to 3 nails and Color B to 2 nails. let dry completely.
3. Apply another coat of each color to nails and let it dry completely.
4. On the two nails that are painted with Color B using a nail art pen and striper; draw lips in pink or a red color and draw [x]s in black.  Do as many kisses and [x]s that you can fit on to nails.
5. using a polish with suspended decals [preferably with hearts]; carefully using tweezers pick up decals and apply hearts randomly across nails.
6. Apply a top coat.
7. While top coat is still tacky; use tweezers to apply rhinestone randomly across nails.
8. Seal nails with sealer/top coat/bonder. Apply 2-3 coats to insure that the rhinestones stay on nails.

Product Used:
Avon Long Lasting Nail Wear Ruby Slippers: $2.99
I [Heart] My Nails New Lilac: $ 1.99
I [Heart] My Nails Crazy For You: $1.99
Fingrs Nail Decal Pack: $1.00
Fingrs Nail Art Pen Pink:$ 1.00
L.A. Colors Art Deco Nail Art Paint Black: $ 1.00
Nutra Nail Power Gel Hard As Nails Wraps: $ 10.60
Winning Nails Top Coat Bonder/ Sealer : $ 3.99
Total Cost: $24.56 [ this is only pricy because of the power gel that I used as the base coat] 


While I was at Rite Aid picking up my perscriptions I wanted to see what was new in the nail polish section and I came across Petities. Now I use to wear this brand when I was younger and I eventually lost interest in the line becaue Rite Aid in my opinion wanted too much money for a very small or should I say petite bottle of polish. So as I was zooming on through I see the the line has been updated a little bit and a few colors had caught my eye including this one called Utopia. Its a beautiful color and all you need is 1-2 coats depeneding on what kind of intensity you prefer. In this photo I applied 3 coats for a much darker and intense color.
Any who here is the details...

How To:
1. Apply a base coat.
2. Apply 1-3 coats of nail polish.
3. Apply a top coat.

Products Used:
Petities Utopia : $1.99
Nutra Nail Power Gel Hard As Nails Wraps : $ 10.60
FingerPaints Top Coat $ 2.99
Total Cost : $15.58

Chartruese Chase...

I selected this color on a whim because I wanted to try the Sally Hansen's fast dry line plus it was on clearance because no one was buying this shade. I pretty much like the color but I did not like how it dried and after a while it began to hate the color although it looked lovely on my talons [LOL]
Any who here is the details...

How To:
1. Apply a base coat.
2. Apply 1-2 coats of a fast dry nail color. { if the fast dry nail polish has a professional brush usually 1 coat does suffice thus no need for a second coat because one sweep completes it all!}
3. Select a darker shade crackle color that matches and apply 1 coat.
4. Take a glitter stripe polish paint and paint random lines across the crackle design.
5. Apply a light coat of glitter.
6. Apply 2 coats of a top coat.

Products Used:
Sally Hansen's Fast Dry Nail Color  Chartruese Chase: $ 2.47 [ regularly priced from $3.96-$4.24]
Stripe Rite Nail Paint Gold: $3.99
Pure Ice Crackle Green: $3.99
Sally's Girl Glitter Polish: $0.99
Nurta Nail Power Gel Hard As Nails Wraps $10.60
Winning Nails Top Coat Bonder/ Sealer $ 3.99
Total Cost : $26.03 [ its only pricy because I used a power gel instead of a base coat!]

Pink Frost With Crackle..... its a Sheer Thang!

The inspiration behind this design was the color of the nail polish. I used Nina Ultra Pro Nail polish nail color called Pink Frost. I Loved the sheerness and the pink and white hues the color gave off. I wanted to use one of my crackles with it to see what crackle would look like against sheer colors [ you be the judge of that]. I thought it look a little appealing but crackles definately dont work well with sheer colors simply because it does  not pop out against sheer color. However, I still went along with it and I actually got a few complements on how it looked althought it was pretty hard to make out the base color in certain lighting, I guess it caught peoples eye at the right time. any who here is the details.

How To:
1. Apply 1 coat of a base coat.
2. Apply a 2 coats of a sheer color. [preferably a very very very sheer color] let dry completely!
3. Apply 1 coat of a light-sheer colored crackle to 3 nails and a half swipe to 2 nails [ as seen in the picture] and let it dry completely.
4. Select flower decals that match by using tweezers and apply them to the 2 nails with the half swipes of crackle .
5. Apply 2 coats of a top coat.

Products Used:
Kiss Flower Decals $1.99
Nina Ultra Pro Nail Polish  Pink Frost: $3.39
China Glaze Crackle Lattice Lilace $ 2.99 [ Clearance price]
Winning Nails Top Coat Bonder/ Sealer $ 3.99
HOOF! Nail Strengthener $3.49
Total Cost: 15.85

Molten Gold

 This spanking color is called Molten Gold by Nina Ultra Pro nail polish. I was at Sally's and I was looking for new nail polishes to try and this line caught my eye plus it was $1 off of any Ultra pro and FingerPaints nail polish. I was pretty impressed with how the color went on and how quickly the color dried. I loved that its a gold color that has accents of pinks, oranges and a little bit of gold glitter and green. All you need is two coats or even 1 coat of this color and your all set. I can surely say that gold colored nail polishes are not really my fancy but some do catch my eye and I was very impressed with this color. any who heres the details.

Products used:
Nina Ultra Pro Nail Polish : Molten Gold
HOOF! Nail Strengthener
Nail Art Supply Free Flow Glitter : Sunset
Nail Art Brush
FingerPaints Top Coat
Winning Nails Top Coat Bonder and Sealer.

How To:
1. Prep nail with a base coat [ HOOF!] and let dry.
2. Apply 1-2 Coats of nail color [Molten Gold] and let dry.
3. Before the second coat dries take nail art brush and dabb glitter gently on to Nails
4. Apply 1 coat of a base coat/ bonder or sealer so that the glitter does not come off Nails.

Nina Ultra Pro Nail Molten Gold : $ 2.39 [3.39 regular price]HOOF! Nail Strengthener: $3.49
Nail Art Supply Glitter : $ 2.99
FingerPaints Top Coat : $ 1.99
Winning Nails Top Coat Bonder/Sealer: $ 3.99
Total Cost $ 14.85

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


More graffiti.....
So still in my phase I decided to go all out this time and do multiple designs  on both hands instead of just one hand.
I received several compliments on this OUTRAGEOUS ART WORK.
This took quite a bit of time to do due to the dry time. I was completely excited with how it came out and really amazed at how people TOOK NOTICE. Lot of people like to see my nails but people actually took TIME to look at my nails.

I'll admit I love graffiti cause its so free style and its sooo fun.
Do I sound crazy????
Any who here is the details:

Nail Polishes Used:
Nina Ultra Pro Nail Polish
Sally's Girl
Kiss 2x Nail Art Polish
Sinful Nail Colors
Stripe Rite Nail Paint
L.A. Colors Art Deco Nail Paints

Graffiti : Purple

This is apart of my graffiti phase. After seeing a number of designs on the nails of my coworkers I decided to do one myself.  This is from the midnight color line  and I should have posted this a long time ago. The design is pretty simple; its freestyle and needs no explanation.

Nail Polish Used:
Avon Midnight Plum $2.99 (at the time I bought it)
L.A. Colors Art Deco Nail Art Polish :Black and Tangerine $1.00 each
Kiss 2x Nail Paint: Turqouise $ 1.99
Sinful Nail Colors Nail Paint : Fushica $1.99